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Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency energy is now widely used in aesthetic medicine for skin tightening, rejuvenation and fat reduction.High frequency radio waves provide a non-invasive treatment. The procedure uses a Capacitive Radio Frequency (CRF) to accomplish a number of goals for your body. It can tighten the skin, contour it, and also encourage new healthy strands of collagen to grow. The CRF in the Radio Frequency method warms the underlying layers of the skin that draws the collagen up to the skin’s surface. A high frequency radio wave is directed under the skin, causing the cells to heat up. The cells are heated until the body’s defenses kicks in and it tightens loose, sagging skin. This method has almost no side effect.

The Radio Frequency method process helps to firm the face, especially along the jaws and upper neck, and tighten the eyes, reducing creeping of the skin and hooding, and cuts down on the under eye bagginess. For the general body, the Radio Frequency method tightens areas made saggy by weight loss and pregnancy, and can reduce cellulite. In general, it tightens and lifts the body, reduces areas of the body, and flattens and smoothes the skin, gets rid of dimples, and helps with the skin’s texture.